DAY 2 - Gala

DAY 2 - Gala


Gala Dinner & Entertainment program with Award ceremony for regatta winners, Kempinski, Crystal Hall

Entertainment program

From an early age on, Žiga Murko was fascinated with music. His love for the trombone grew slowly and relentlessly, but he always had the feeling that something was amiss, something that his heart desired even more, so one day he started to produce his own music. Today his discography counts more than 30 projects. He graduated from the renowned Jazz Academy in Rotterdam. He's DJ shows stand out because of his unique live trombone improvisations and his selection of soul, funk and feel-good music earned him a spot on some of the most popular music festivals and platforms.

Maša But is a talented singer from Slovenija. She studied jazz vocals at the Jazz Academy of Klagenfurt with prof. Caroline De Rooij. She is currently the lead singer of the popular and upcoming group Wckd nation. She will be accompanied by the renowned Slovenian composer and pianist Leon Firšt.



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