Portorož - Slovenian coast & Istrian countryside

One of the most charming, greenest and safest countries in the world boasts the lively coast of the Istrian peninsula that stretches into its inland countryside. With its Monte Carlo feel, the Slovenian Adriatic seaside town Portorož will provide glamorous business sparks for suppliers and buyers meeting in its bay.

Portorož is not known only as a luxurious seaside resort and spa, but also as one of the region’s main coastal MICE hubs. An abundance of venues and locations, spanning from the town’s centre to the coast on one and countryside on the other side, ensure a perfect B2B meeting spot for MICE enthusiasts and professionals.

The town's name is very romantic as it literally means the ‘Port of Roses’ and just as charming is its hinterland with the Istrian villages that shelter numerous cultural treasures. Among them, the highly praised Istrian diamond – the Istrian truffles that reach sky-high prices on the global market. We can assure you that you are going to hold meetings in a bay full of surprises, enriching your experience as well as boosting your professional energy with idyllic vistas and explosion of culinary bites.

Your meetings will be additionally provided with success as they will be held at experience-full Hotel Mind Slovenia 5*, and in Marina Portorož with a meditative view of the quiet sailing boats and impressive yachts, before you sail yourself alongside your business partners into a real sailing regatta match.

So, grab your laptop, your business cards and your camera as you are going to be signing business deals in the most picturesque and foodiest peninsula of the Adriatic!



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